Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blind Date

Macabre (1980)
Dir - Lamberto Bava

I've had this DVD from Blue Underground for a few years and finally got around to watching it. Unfortunately my copy doesn't have the awesome artwork of the Arrow Video release (shown above). The movie is a bit slow throughout but still manages to maintain a rather creepy tone amidst all the sexy time sounds from our main character. One thing this really has going for it is an intense final act with a super crazy last scene. There are a couple of doppelgangers in the film though. For one, the blind man has the appearance and slightly similar voice to Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton on True Blood. I'm sure the Lousianna accent makes for most of the comparison. Then there's Lucy. The little girl looks a bit like a young Joey Lawrence in drag. Yes, it is the guy from Blossom and it's pretty damn frightening.

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