Tuesday, December 20, 2011

JTT + Santa = Awesome

I'll Be Home for Christmas (1998)
Dir - Arlene Sanford
Xmas Insanity 2011

The last XI film is one from Disney starring the Teen Beat heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas and a young Jessica Biel fresh from the set of 7th Heaven. JTT makes a less impressive Santa than Hulk Hogan did last year in Santa with Muscles, but it's still pretty great. Can't really remember too much that I want to say about this, besides the fact that Gary Cole (!) is in it, but there is a pretty chart topping late 90's soundtrack - complete with Smash Mouth poster! Shudder.

Those Damned Liberals

Christmas with a Capital C (2011)
Dir - Helmut Schleppi
Xmas Insanity 2011

I've been waiting over a year to see this, ever since I saw the first trailer on YouTube. This is a Christian made family drama about the horrible "war on Christmas" that everyone is always so worried about. Ted McGinely plays a small Alaskan town mayor that is mostly Christian and a prodigal resident returns from the big city now ready to fight the public Christmas display and wanting to get rid of their beloved holiday (played by professional Alec Baldwin impersonator, Daniel Baldwin).

First you have to realize this is a movie based on a song, that was based on a stand-up routine by a Christian comic. It's not good and VERY one-sided - not that I expected any different. The liberal is made out to be the bad guy and everything is happy in the end. It's as bad as I hoped and unintentionally funny. A good time to have with a beer or two.

Side note: While watching I found that the comedian who is one of the co-stars is also in another Christian family film dealing with abortion. This will be watched ASAP!!!

Toothbrush Attack!

B-Robo Kabutack: The Epic Christmas Battle (1997)
Dir - ???
Xmas Insanity 2011

Our first move of XI was an epic kid's show from Japan and their hourlong "holiday themed" episode. I put that in quotes because there's very little to do with Christmas. It kind of seems like an afterthought. The joy of this Power Rangers-esque show is the shark robot named, appropriately enough, Sharkler. His weapon of choice is a giant toothbrush. How cool is that?!

A weird show with crazy Japanese antics you would expect and a female Santa who rides around on a flying surfboard.

I. Must. Find. This series.

Cyborg? More Like Cy-bored

Mutant Hunt (1987)
Dir - Tim Kincaid
Horror Movie Night

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It's All Squishy

Super (2010)
Dir - James Gunn

A bit late to the party on this one but at least I enjoyed myself. I can see why some don't like this film but it worked for me. There are some pretty crazy connections to Kick Ass, including the color schemes of the two main characters, but I'll take Gunn at his word that he planned this before ever knowing about that other property. This also reminds me how adorable I find Ellen Page. I would like to keep her on a shelf.

Business Ladies

The Working Girls (1974)
Dir - Stephanie Rothman
Weird Wednesday

Great little exploitation flick about a group of girls, their sordid relationships and how they earn a buck. Probably most famous for having Cassandra Peterson in her pre-Elvira days plays a stripper who goes topless. Something so memorable that one of the alternate titles of the film is Elvira Naked. A very nice scene indeed.

Unexpected Devil Birth

Creepozoids (1987)
Dir - David DeCoteau
Horror Movie Night

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Snowed In

Jack Frost (1997)
Dir - Michael Cooney

Been a couple years since I watched this one but it's still pretty fun and entertaining. A serial killer is turned into a killer snowman who steals kill scenes from Silent Night, Deadly Night and rapes Shannon Elizabeth with his carrot "nose" in the shower. Nothing says Christmas like that!