Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Those Damned Liberals

Christmas with a Capital C (2011)
Dir - Helmut Schleppi
Xmas Insanity 2011

I've been waiting over a year to see this, ever since I saw the first trailer on YouTube. This is a Christian made family drama about the horrible "war on Christmas" that everyone is always so worried about. Ted McGinely plays a small Alaskan town mayor that is mostly Christian and a prodigal resident returns from the big city now ready to fight the public Christmas display and wanting to get rid of their beloved holiday (played by professional Alec Baldwin impersonator, Daniel Baldwin).

First you have to realize this is a movie based on a song, that was based on a stand-up routine by a Christian comic. It's not good and VERY one-sided - not that I expected any different. The liberal is made out to be the bad guy and everything is happy in the end. It's as bad as I hoped and unintentionally funny. A good time to have with a beer or two.

Side note: While watching I found that the comedian who is one of the co-stars is also in another Christian family film dealing with abortion. This will be watched ASAP!!!

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