Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Real Shame

Bloody Sunday (2002)
Dir - Paul Greengrass

Been in my Netflix disc queue for quite sometime and finally made the cut to come home. This is kind of a punch in the gut. I knew a little - very little - about this story ahead of time but Greengrass' documentary style of this horrible story from Derry, Ireland hits hard. I can see some of the Brit's side, but very little. Because of the IRA (a group I do not agree with overall) and their extremist tactics they were afraid, but they went way too far. Firing many, many live rounds on a group of unarmed protesters. Sure, they were getting out of hand and throwing stones but the excessive firing on the Brit's part is absolutely ridiculous. This is highly emotional and somewhat hard to watch but I'm very glad I did. An important time that need not be forgotten, especially for those lives lost.

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