Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bible Thumpers

Red State (2011)
Dir - Kevin Smith

I put this off long enough. There was a time when I loved Smith. In high school I was obsessed with both Clerks and Mallrats and watched my VHS copies all the time. Then within the last year or so he seemed to go a little crazy. All of his bad handling of bad press and incessant whining about Southwest Airlines just got old. It kind of made me hate him for a while. I thought I'd give this a go when it hit DVD since I wasn't traveling out of my way to see it in his "original" idea of self distribution in theaters across the country.

I'm happy to reprot I really enjoyed what I saw. This didn't feel like Smith at all and that's a good thing. Some very cool situations and interesting turns on a scary thing that probably isn't far from happening somewhere in the south. And if anyone says people wouldn't go this far with gay bashing, just remember that we're only 50 or so years removed from southerners rounding up black Americans and hanging them from trees.

Might have to check out the DVD to see if it has the longer cut from Sundance because I'm interested in what may have been cut. Just no sure I want to actually buy it and give him more of my money. He's really fallen as a person to me.

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