Sunday, January 15, 2012

2011 Year End Round-Up

Finally getting around to doing my year-end totals. I did not watch as many movies as in 2010, but I did go to one less film festival and probably watched a little more TV. Still I'm OK with checking out a total of 413 feature films in 2011, 327 were either new or new-to-me. 

Here's a little breakdown of some other fun facts about my movie watching habits over the year, most of which will surprise no one. Heh.

Most Watched Decade: 80s with 121 films
Second Most Watched Decade: 10's with 105 films
Most Watched Genre: Horror (duh!) with 161 films
Horror Movie Night Films: 47
Weird Wednesday Films: 28

Medium Breakdown
Blu-Ray: 38 
DVD: 88
DVR: 40
Hulu: 1
Netflix Instant: 57
At Micah's House: 74
In Theaters: 78

Most Visited Theater: Magnolia with 19 films

Bring on 2012!

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