Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Da? Ja!

Immigrants (L.A. Dolce Vita) (2008)
Dir - Gabor Csupo

I heard of this a while back because it has a character voiced by Hank Azaria and is made by a former Simpsons head animator. Most, however, will know Csupo as the creator of Rugrats and a few other Nickelodeon shows. If you didn't already know that it would be hard not to figure that out by the animation style. I was never really a fan of Rugrats since I didn't have cable when I was younger (and I think I was past the age of its prime demographic anyway) but I thought this was great. It feels a little disjointed as a feature story, more like a few episodes strung together. After doing a little digging online I see that it was supposed to be a series on Spike. I really wish this would have gone to series because I really liked the style, writing and characters. I'm sure there could be some great things to come from it. Maybe someday in the future something else will happen with Vlad and Joska.

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