Saturday, February 19, 2011

Boobs and Bongs

Sex Pot (2009)
Dir - Eric Forsberg

I have my buddy Noahphex to blame for this one. I was going to pick something of Netflix Instant to watch when I saw on Twitter that he had just started this sex comedy from The Asylum. I have seen a copule of the company's other sex comedies and they were always enjoyable. Well, that doesn't ring true here.  There's plenty of sex, but someone forgot to put the comedy in there. There are tons, and I mean tons, of naked chicks in this movie (first nude at about the ten second mark) but it's so painfully unfunny, boring and, at times, just plain gross that it's not really worth it. Just watch some of the studio's other efforts like The 18-Year-Old Virgin instead.

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