Sunday, February 20, 2011

Prep School for the Living Dead?

Zombie High (1987)
Dir - Ron Link

I'm not exactly sure about what I just watched but it wasn't very good. The story concerns a boarding school where the faculty have been feasting off a serum made from students for decades. There are three different types of "zombies" shown - the students are lobotomized into a brainless mob, the faculty are immortal like vampires until they don't receive their dose and they rapidly decay into the zombies we're used to. It's not scary, funny or even unintentionally funny so there is nothing too great about watching this. Can't believe Virginia Madsen stars.

Fun side note: One of the writers, Tim Doyle, and a supporting cast member, Paul Feig, have gone onto have great success in TV. Doyle has written for such shows as Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory and Better Off Ted. Feig has worked on, writing and directing, episodes of The Office, Nurse Jackie and Arrested Development!

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