Thursday, June 16, 2011

Banjo Pluckin' Fun

Hooch (1977)
Dir - Edward Mann
Weird Wednesday

A fun little southern tale about moonshiners who must deal with some east coast Italian mafia types. The VHS Micah has was a former rental and the box has this listed as an action, but it's far from high on in that. There is an extended hoedown scene that ends with sugar pouring out of the ceiling - probably my favorite moment. Danny Aiello is in this and looks stylish in his very awesome outfit of a football jersey tucked into very short cut-off jean shorts and flip flops. Sexy! IMDb has a very small section of the cast listed and it's a shame that my favorite character, the bearded old timer shiner, isn't even on there, even though he's one of the main characters. Everyone should know his name and find films featuring his badassness - William T. Hicks!

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