Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Holy Tomatoes!

TerrorVision (1986)
Dir - Ted Nicolau
Tuesday Night Trash

This is a film that I've seen a few times before and love. It's goofy and fun with a very cool designed monster and Jon Gries as a metalhead! What had me out to see it on this night was the first of a new series at the Texas Theatre called Tuesday Night Trash. They are going to show older, off the beaten path films along with other assorted oddities.

For the inaugural film it kicked off with an odd "short film" by a local Dallas guy who goes by the name George Quartz. I'm not too sure how to feel about this, I really enjoyed parts of it but overall wasn't too impressed. Quartz, I believe, has something to do with the programming of TNT so that would explain why they showed this. If you want to see it for yourself it's here on Vimeo.

The features are supposed be shown on their original format and for TerrorVision that meant a VHS screening. This was a pretty poor tape as the image looked over saturated and the sound was very muffled. Not sure if it was a bad copy or projection problems. I will give the venue the benefit of the doubt.

Not sure how many of the TNT screenings I'll be able to make it to, since my Tuesdays are usually booked, but I'll try to go again. Next one is on July 5th and they're showing Necropolis, which I've never seen.

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