Sunday, June 12, 2011

Longest. Exercise Scene. Ever.

Science Crazed (1991)
Dir - Ron Switzer

This was a satellite pick by Josh (@VHSisthetruth) who was unable to join us this go-round. He filmed an intro to the movie and right away we knew we were in for trouble. Everything he said about this was true, both the good and bad. I'm not sure what someone saw in this initially to buy it and release it on VHS but I'm glad they did! If not we would be without this puzzling flick. There are very few scenes and probably around 40 or so minutes of actual footage but the director stretched it out to feature length. This results in tons of recycled footage and cuts back and forth between said footage in a seemingly never-ending loop of chaos. By about ten minutes in at least three people in the crew watching these films got up because they were going to "need more beer for this."  Zero scares, very little blood and a lot of grunting in the all ADR'd soundtrack. It could be seen as terrible by some and brilliant by others. Very unique and one of the films everyone had a blast watching.

Bonus Fun Fact: There is a scene in a video store where you can see a promo item for the film The Boy Who Could Fly that is a kite brandishing the title. Sweet.

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