Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Baraka (1992)
Dir - Ron Fricke

Holy high resolution Batman! I heard good things about this doc and they were all true. An hour-and-a-half with no dialog but shots from all over the world in a style similar to the recently popular Planet Earth series and the like. The locations and people are fascinating but what is more impressive is the look. It will leave you breathless for sure! It was shot around 20 years ago on 65mm (projected on 70mm) and looked beautiful then but when they set out for the Blu-Ray transfer they did something very special. Each frame from the original 65mm negative was scanned at 8K (the highest possible resolution) which took about three weeks and 30 terabytes of storage - and that was before the HD conversion! This is the demo disc for your HD set-up and after renting I must now buy it so I can have this gorgeous film in my collection.


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