Friday, April 15, 2011

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Scream (1996)
Dir - Wes Craven

Had not watched this in quite some time, probably close to 10 years. The same with the two sequels but felt like watching them all before going to see part 4 soon.

This is a pretty good movie with some decent kills and scares. Don't absolutely love it, but really dig what it's doing. The turning of horror conventions is interesting and there are some some great characters. I love Courtney Cox with a passion and David Arquette is always a win for me. I even think Matthew Lillard's over-the-top performance is something of worth. He does deliver the two best lines in the whole movie - "I'll be right back," and "my mom and dad are going to be so made at me."

I can't give this film too much credit because it is, in part, responsible for a dark mark on the genre for the next few years. Because of the success of Scream so many other really bad teen slasher hit theaters and rental store shelves. Some were decent (I do kinda dig I Know What You Did Last Summer from what I remember) but most were complete shit. And that horrible, unimaginative box art! Argh! It haunts my dreams.

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  1. While it isn't the best movie ever made, I love Scream. And Matthew Lillard = win. It's easily and obviously the best of the teen slasher stuff that, as you said, became like a horrible and hideous disease on the face of the cinema for years thereafter. Much like The Ring then ushered in a horrible flood of things like The Grudge (ick). But Scream still does it for me every time I see it, and I'm totally hitting Scream 4 today. Whoooo!