Sunday, January 2, 2011

Could you kill your best friend?

Battle Royale (2000) Director's Cut
Dir- Kinji Fukasaku

Finally got the awesome new Arrow Video Limited Edition Blu-Ray set in the mail from Amazon UK earlier this week and it killed me to wait this long to watch. I saw a bootleg of this soon after it was released and promptly bought a Chinese all-region DVD. Now I can gladly get rid of that for this far superior transfer and subtitles, not to mention the ridiculous amount of extras.

Had not watched this in a few years but it still holds up as a fantastic film and remains one of my all time top 10.


  1. Still wanna know how you got your BD before everyone else. Still haven't rec'd mine.

    Haven't looked online for that winter horror film in a while. Think it involved a ski resort but not certain. Just remember the yeti-like creature and crime scene blood. Saw it on television late 70s I think. I'll have to go looking again.

  2. Well that took all of 5 minutes to find.

    Snowbeast (1977)
    "A Colorado ski resort is besieged by a sub-human beast that commits brutal murders on the slopes."