Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The Social Network (2010)
Dir - David Fincher

Heard mostly good things about this but Jenny watched it this afternoon and didn't really like it. Not sure if it's the subject matter or what (she's sleeping now so we'll have to talk tomorrow) because I really enjoyed the film. Sorkin's script is tight and the acting is great. I'm always happy to see Justin Timberlake in something because the guy surprised us all a few years ago when he showed he could really act. Eisenberg is great but I think Andrew Garfield is the best part of the film. Zuckerberg may be the asshole that he's portrayed to be in this film (and it's pretty bad) but the guy is a genius and he changed things in the world regardless. Now I need to buy this so I can watch the feature length making-of doc and all the other extras. Will definitely revisit.

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