Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Herpes is one thing, but zombie herpes..."

Zombie Strippers (2008)
Dir - Jay Lee

Not as handy as a shopping mall, but there are probably worse places than a strip club to be in the event of a zombie outbreak. This is probably as bad and ridiculous as you imagine - bad CG, meh acting and tons of cheese. But still it's quite a bit of fun. What (male) horror fan doesn't love a lot of gore, zombies and naked chicks? Jenna Jameson leads the exotic dancer cast and Robert Englund stars as their sleazy boss (and he looks giggle-tastic with blonde hair). Probably best watched with friends and a six pack.

Oh, and does it make me weird if I thought they were hotter dancing as zombies? On second thought, don't answer that.

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