Monday, January 10, 2011

Zut Alors!

She Gets What She Wants (2002) aka Slap Her... She's French
Dir - Melanie Mayron

Came across this on Netflix Instant under the alternate title and remembered this was filmed in the Dallas area. I had some friends who were bulk extras, including an ex-girlfriend, but didn't see any of them in the football stands. The film isn't that great and just plays on some exaggerated Texas/French stereotypes  but does have a few laughs. Still, if you've seen any teen comedy you pretty much know the drill. Not perfect but not nearly as bad as that sad excuse for a poster.

It was kind of weird that the second lead's (Jane McGregor as Starla) Texan accent sounds a lot like Anna Paquin's Sookie from True Blood, and they even look somewhat similar. Odd.

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